Scope of Work

Georgia Olive Growers Association’s Scope of Work

  • Research – Partnership with UGA -GOGA is partnering to fund research and report at annual conference (Grant Funded)
  • Weather Stations – GOGA is purchasing and installing weather station to be installed in orchards throughout Georgia to assisting in research. (Grant Funded)
  • Promotion of Agritourism – Promote and support one of the largest growing sectors in GA
  • Grant Funding – GOGA will pursue additional funding to accomplish goals for and provide services to our members
  • Website, Social Media and Newsletter – Create and expand a better clearinghouse of resources, news/events and information through new website, timely social media posts of news andevents and newsletter.
  • Legislative Agenda
  • Farm Bill – GOGA works as part of the national campaign to encourage support from U.S. legislators.
  • International Standards – GOGA will help create national awareness of the need for international standards (import labeling) by supporting and participating in the industry’s national campaign.
  • Education Outreach– Give tours to individuals, groups/organizations (adult education) and school/youth organization field trip tours (youth education). We will also speak at conferences, civic and agricultural groups.
  • Annual Conference – This year’s annual conference will be moved from spring to fall for demonstrations of mill and harvester.