1. Liquid Gold: A Guide to Olive Oil

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  2. Georgia Olive Farms featured on StAugustine.com

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  4. Olive Oil Joins Locavore Movement in American South

    Fresh produce picked from a garden and plated by the chef who grew it is no longer a concept reserved for the highest end restaurants of California, Spain, or France. The farm to table movement has swept the South faster than a wild fire, and if newest James Beard Award-winning Best Chef of the Southeast Hugh Acheson has anything to say about it, this wild fire won’t be burning out any time soon.

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  5. High Stakes in Georgia

    It’s a slippery industry, but the folks at Georgia Olive Farms are working hard to bring homegrown olive oil to the East Coast

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  6. Why Georgia Farmers Should Grow Olives

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  7. Georgia Olive Oil Makes a Southern Dinner

    “My guests loved their first pimento cheese, but when I explained how to make it, they didn’t believe I used Georgia olive oil. And if there was such a thing, “It could not possibly be better than Lebanese olive oil!” I poured a precious bit for them to taste. Their eyes got big. They insisted on seeing the bottle.”

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